Hugh Dolan Distributors Ltd, established in 1971, is a wholesale supplier of specialty automotive chemicals and equipment for cars, fleets and industry. Our prime product line is Wynn's X-Tend which is ISO 9001 certified and OEM approved.

We also supply a complete line of car cleaning products for detailing shops and car dealerships. We offer products in a number of categories, such as; oil, fuel, cooling, raditator, brakes, power steering, battery, throttle body, differential and many more. For a more complete list of our products, please see our Products page.

Our clients may place orders via our shop. If you are a detailing or car dealership, please feel free to contact us for more information regarding inclusion in our customer online ordering system.

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Company: Hugh Dolan Distributors
Email: hugh@hughdolan.com
Phone: 613 225-8822
Toll-free: 1-800-387-2859
  Fax: 613 225-6717